7 Types of Moving Boxes to Use During Your House/Office Move-Welcome to Barrie Moving: Ontario Professional Movers

7 Types of Moving Boxes to Use During Your House/Office Move-Welcome to Barrie Moving: Ontario Professional Movers

7 Types of Moving Boxes to Use During Your House/Office Move

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Moving your home or office? If so, you are already feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Now, hiring one of the reputable moving companies in Barrie Ontario will reduce some of your stress. 

However, having the right moving boxes at your disposal can come in handy too. Yes, that’s right! There are moving boxes with certain dimensions that are specific to transfer different items effectively. Let’s take a quick look. 

1.5 cu. ft. small moving box

When you want to move smaller objects that are slightly heavy, this small moving box is a good choice. It can be used to move sheet sets, books, canned foods, tools, any smaller appliance, vinyl records, and such. 

3.0 cu. ft. medium moving box

This box can move an ideal weight of 65lbs of things. This can include your kitchen pantry essentials such as herbs, spices and small appliances. It can also be used to move toys, office supplies, home décor items, craft supplies, and more. 

4.5 cu. ft. large moving box

You might have things like board games, lampshades, speakers, pots, pillows, and clothing items. This box is perfect to move such lightweight materials. It is roomier and hence gives more space to pack things. 

16 cu. ft. large wardrobe box

When it comes to shifting your closet space, several reputable moving companies Barrie will suggest you use this type and size of the box. This box will give you enough space to hang your pants, dresses, and suits in one go. These boxes offer space to hold up to 2 feet of your closet space. 

16 cu. ft. dish barrel box

The perfect box to move your dishes, dinnerware, and other kitchen essentials. This box is double walled offering maximum protection to your dinnerware and other collectibles during your move. Just ensure that you have wrapped each item either in newspaper or bubble wraps.

2.3 cu. ft. 1 pc mirror moving box

You might have some artwork or at least different kinds of mirrors in your home to move. This box is perfect for such items. You can use it to move small mirrors and paintings or any such smaller artworks. 

3.7 cu. ft 2 pc large mirror box

If you have larger artwork or mirrors, you can use this type of box. You can also join two such boxes and carry even bigger artwork easily. To ensure the safety of your artwork/mirrors, you can wrap them in cloth or sheet. 
There are different types of moving boxes that can make your move easy and swift. You don’t need to struggle to fit everything in just one type of moving box. Choose the right-sized moving boxes and make your move hassle-free. 

And if you want more assistance on the same or are looking for reputable Barrie moving companies, get in touch with us at Barrie Moving. We are highly professional and experienced in offering residential, office, piano and hot tub moving, and RV haulage. 

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